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Hydrogen peroxide is used primarily as an oxidizing agent for many organic and inorganic compounds. We conducted a headtohead in vitro comparison of a hydrogen peroxide vapor hpv system bioquell and an aerosolized hydrogen peroxide ahp system sterinis. The reaction is not selflimiting, as it is with the typical mechanical pulp situation. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide is a common gaseous sterilant widely used in industry and it has been found to be an effective chemical warfare agent decontaminant in the presence of ammonia for sm and nerve agents wagner et al. This leaves us with hydrogen peroxide h2o2, number four on the list, just below ozone, hydrogen peroxide is a compound of two parts hydrogen and two parts oxygen 2, simply water h2o with one extra atom of oxygen. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide trademarked vhp, also known as hydrogen peroxide vapor, hpv is a vapor form of hydrogen peroxide h 2 o 2 with applications as a lowtemperature antimicrobial vapor used to decontaminate enclosed and sealed areas such as laboratory workstations, isolation and passthrough rooms, and even aircraft interiors. Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed.

Inhaling hydrogen peroxide can irritate the lungs causing coughing andor shortness of breath. In certain circumstances when the concent ration of hydrogen peroxide is 10 ppm or less, a half facepiece, organic vapor acid gas cartridge respirator may be appropriate. However, the hydrogen peroxide can be used also in a gas phase. Contain and collect spillage with noncombustible absorbent material such as clean sand, earth, diatomaceous earth or nonacidic clay and place into suitable properly labeled containers for prompt disposal.

Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing. Hydrogen peroxide at this concentration is a strong oxidant. The principal byproduct of hydrogen peroxide reactions is water. Hydrogen peroxide 3% topical solution safety data sheet. Sterilucent hydrogen peroxide 59% safety data sheet page 2 of 9 sds 490003001 rev. However, when hydrogen peroxide is used with stronger oxidizers, it can act as a reducing agent.

Pass fail pass fail pass fail pass fail pass fail pass fail pass fail test control test control test control test. May cause irritation, burns, whitening or bleaching of the skin, blisters, ulcers, and permanent. Hydrogen peroxide material compatibility chart from ism. Cycle development and validation guidance for vaporized. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization record keeping sheet use with 3m attest rapid readout biological indicator 1295 facilitydept. Msds contains all of the information required by those regulations. Steris vpro low temperature sterilization systems steris. Excess pressure build up can result in tank or line rupture or failure. Effective application of vaporized hydrogen peroxide requires adequate vhp concentration and exposure time. In certain circumstances when the concent ration of hydrogen peroxide is 10 ppm or less, a half. The sterilization by the vaporized phase hydrogen peroxide vphp was discovered recently and it. Steramist produces a visible mistfog, which is composed of the reactive oxygen species ros, the hydroxyl radical.

In certain circumstances when the conc entration of hydrogen peroxide is 50 ppm or less, a full. The vhf generator is utilized to achieve the concentration and contact time of hydrogen peroxide in the enclosed area. Bioquells scientific research regularly conducts tests to ascertain the effect of hydrogen peroxide vapor h2o2 on various commonly encountered materials. Safety data sheets sds, formerly known as material safety data sheets sds, provide information on steris products for purposes of health, safety and environmental requirements. This means that the h 2 o 2 concentration in the air never exceeds the vapor pressure at the corresponding temperature and pressure. The use of steris corporations vaporized hydrogen peroxide vhp technology as a potential biocide for aircraft decontamination was demonstrated in a cabin section of the aircraft environment research facility an faaowned boeing 747. Chemical indicator strip for monitoring vaporized hydrogen. These are created by mechanically altering the sole active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, in tomis bit solution, by passing through the cold plasma arc. Hydrogen peroxide, 30% ww safety data sheet according to federal register vol. Product identifier product name hydrogen peroxide 35% ww tech product number 2797 1. Overcoming limitations of vaporized hydrogen peroxide. The use of hydrogen peroxide h 2 o 2 in the global healthcare industry and other industries that require high levels of contamination control has grown steadily. Using vaporized hydrogen peroxide for biodecontamination properties of vhp vhp is a vapor not a gas.

Hydrogen peroxide vapor systems are the most widely used and have all but replaced formaldehyde use in pharmaceutical, critical area decontamination. Identification of the substancemixture and of the companyundertaking 1. Hydrogen peroxide has been used by the medical community for 170 years, mostly for disinfection purposes. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against. Validation of a lowtemperature, lowpressure, vaporized hydrog. Validation study for the use of hydrogen peroxide vapor as a. First aid measures eye contact rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes. Above the saturation point dew point, h 2 o 2 vapor starts to condense as an aerosol or on surfaces. A hydrogen peroxide sterilization cycle typically requires less time than alternative forms of sterilization, such as ethylene oxide sterilization.

Use with adequate ventilation and do not breathe dust or vapor. Hydrogen peroxide vapor material compatability h202. All wetted surfaces should be made of materials that are compatible with hydrogen peroxide. Residual hydrogen peroxide, if allowed to dry on materials such as paper, fabrics, cotton, leather, wood or other combustibles, can cause the material to ignite and result in a fire. Observe all labeled safeguards until container is cleaned, reconditioned or destroyed. Material compatibility with vaporized hydrogen peroxide vhp. The bioquell l4 is a mobile hydrogen peroxide vapor generator that can be connected to enclosures and equipment in your facility or used for roomzone decontamination. Technology of the sterilization by vaporized hydrogen peroxide. If concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are in excess of the exposure limits, respiratory protection is required. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide an overview sciencedirect topics.

Hydrogen peroxide page 2 of 6 determining your exposure reproductive hazard read the product manufacturers material safety data sheet msds and the label to determine product ingredients and important safety and health information. In the late 1980s the first hydrogen peroxide gas plasma system for sterilization of medical and surgical devices was fieldtested. Steris s portfolio of vpro low temperature sterilization systems enables customers to enhance their overall performance, reduce inventory, save time and money, while ensuring a high standard of patient care. Hydrogen peroxide always decomposes, only the rate varies. Epa, pesticide product label, vaprox hydrogen peroxide. During the sterilization phase of the cycle, the system maintains hydrogen peroxide in a dry vapor form to optimize efficacy and continually removes and replenishes vapor concentrations throughout the programmed cycle.

Bioquells proprietary highpurity aqueous 35% solution for use with the bioquell l4 system for 99. This growth is attributable to the chemicals ability to kill spores and sterilize materials, which has been demonstrated in a variety of practical applications. The 3m attest rapid readout biological indicator 1295 pink cap, referred to hereinafter as the 1295 bi is a selfcontained biological indicator specifically designed for rapid and reliable routine monitoring of vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes when used in conjunction with the 3m attest autoreader 490h. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide vhp decontamination of a. Higher exposures may cause a buildup of fluid in the lungs pulmonary edema, a medical emergency, with severe shortness of breath. Emptied container retains vapor and product residue.

Completely submerge hydrogen peroxide contaminated clothing or other materials in water prior to drying. Direct contact with the eye is likely to cause corneal damage especially if not washed immediately. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization record keeping sheet. When exposed to an appropriate concentration of vhp vapor in the cabin test section. The wetted area or surface of a part, component, vessel or piping is a surface which is in permanent contact with or is permanently exposed to the process fluid liquid or gas. According to the manufacturer, the sterilization chamber is evacuated and hydrogen peroxide solution is injected from a cassette and is vaporized in the sterilization chamber to a concentration of 6 mgl. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide an overview sciencedirect. Hydrogen peroxide at these concentrations is a strong oxidant. A single mobile or modular system generates, delivers, controls, and removes hydrogen peroxide vapor for an enclosed environment. Hydrogen peroxide 29% page 2 of 5 section 4 first aid measures notes to physician. A headtohead comparison of hydrogen peroxide vapor and. Hydrogen peroxide sterilization, also known as hydrogen peroxide gas sterilization, is a low temperature sterilization process commonly used to sterilize heatsensitive devices.

Hydrogen peroxide studies and annex k overview contd. Three separate studies utilizing three separate hydrogen peroxide systems. Inhaling hydrogen peroxide can irritate the nose and throat. The process parameters are controlled through the use of the control panel on the vhf generator. Safety data sheet hydrogen peroxide 3% usp sds revision date. Take any precaution to avoid mixing with combustibles.

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