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Jul 19, 2016 here is the open g major tuning, perfect for blues slide guitar. I got into his music from the coil side of things, and arguably, fans of that band will be most at home here, as opposed to his fans that come from the. By precise i mean that repeated measurements yield ih values that are much closer to each other, on average. The open g tuning allows for you to create your own chords and songs out of thin air.

Ross performing at the namm show january 2012, anaheim, california. Because we reside only in the summer here, our piano is regularly in need of tuning after many months of nonuse with drastic seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. Michael gironda piano tech at michael gironda piano tuning. It is designed for experienced piano technicians, software experts, and scientists. An excellent treatise on tuning aurally and with an etd electronic. My goal is to set a standard of excellence and for the satisfaction and happiness of each and every customer. I got into his music from the coil side of things, and arguably, fans of that band will be most at home here, as opposed to his fans that come from the spiritualized or julian cope side of things. Subscribe to our channel if you want to be informed about our next videos. Professional highly skilled tunertechnician fair rates for an honest job since 1974. Michael gironda piano tuning is a professional piano service provider located in casselberry, florida that was established in 1974. I am in the business of offering friendly, knowledgeable piano services at competitive rates. Piano tuning recommendations by manufacturer artisan piano.

The ept does not intend to compete with commercial highend. Join facebook to connect with steve mcray and others you may know. The most important tool is the piano tuning lever, hammer, wrench or key. Piano tuning training is definitely needed before an apprenticeship can be effective. To whom it may concern, louiselle piano service has serviced our baldwin electric player piano for many years in harbor springs. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Mark happened to be in the neighborhood tuning a friends piano.

The piano tuning kit is ideal for an apprentice, or for musicians and technicians wanting to touchup a piano. Discover these 5 cool approaches you can use to sound great instantly, using open tunings on your guitar. Piano tune canada provide complete onsite piano service and maintenance. I received an old yamaha upright, and called to see if steve could tune it. Gtdb has been gathering and publishing information, chords, scales, tabs and now videos on different guitar tunings since 2009. Tuning, voicing, regulating, minor repair, and humidity control. A great general overview of pianos with excellent advice on how to buy a used piano. Additional piano tuning tools and parts included with the course. Piano tuning is the act of adjusting the tension of the strings of an acoustic piano so that the musical intervals between strings are in tune.

This software and documentation contain proprietary information of informatica llc and are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are also protected by law. Legrand piano services is your goto certified piano tuner serving philadelphia, new york city, princeton, and the surrounding areas. Please note the authorised south african distributor of this product is under no obligation to honour the manufactures guaranteeswarranties or to provide aftersales service. If a piano is neglected, if it is allowed to go from one season to another without tuning, it will probably, at the end of that time, be considerably lower in pitch than it was originally. Also, for the benefit of anyone into piano tuning software, ive had a chance to check the mic out and find it provides quite a bit more precise inharmonicity measurements, which is the at the core of all piano tuning software. The tuning dgdgbd is fairly common, and it is easy to hear the open g. I will be calling him regularly to keep my piano in tune. Michael gironda vice president, global markets technology. Audio image solutions specializes in commercial audiovideo systems. See the complete profile on linkedin and discover michaels connections and jobs at similar companies. Hagblom, illya riske, wasef elkharouf, tobie milford, dave gironda jr. Here is a list of the additional tools and parts that we have added to the ourse. Serving the musicians, teachers, concerts, and piano players around richmond. There are many player services provided by dans company including software updates, key velocity programing, trap work.

We provide excellent acoustic piano tuning services for mechanicsburg, harrisburg and all the surrounding areas at affordable prices. The intervalic distance between each of the strings is a perfect fourth p4, except for the interval between the 3rd g and the 2nd b strings, which is a major third 3. Piano tech at michael gironda piano tuning orlando, florida area. Also, for the benefit of anyone into pianotuning software, ive had a chance to check the mic out and find it provides quite a bit more precise inharmonicity measurements, which is the at the core of all pianotuning software. Owner and piano technician, michael gironda, has more than 35 years of professional industry experience, and has trained under one of the piano technicians guild s leading technicians. If the unit is powered and plugs into an electrical socket, we cannot import the unit for you due to local. How to tune a piano digital piano or acoustic piano. Go the the order page you can tune to order your copy. It is an experimental opensource software for piano tuning. Kirk beasley record producer spare time partners llc. Piano tuning kit professional piano tuning hammer lever. Well check to make sure your piano is at full performance capability, and recommend the right course of action if it isnt. What to say about thighpaulsandras debut solo disc. Piano tuning recommendations by manufacturer according to the piano technicians guild, piano tuning varies according to manufacturers.

The guitar is traditionally tuned to e a d g b e, starting with the 6th string low e. Fine piano tuning requires an assessment of the vibration interaction among notes, which is different for every piano, thus in practice. In this preface i explain my reasons for writing this manual. Although a bit dated now, it still is one of the bibles for tunerstechs. Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from michael gironda piano tuning, music. Open tunings made easy for your acoustic guitar playing. Despite what you may have heard, piano tuning is a mechanical skill that anyone can learn with practice all you need is this ebook, a few basic tuning tools and a piano. Michael responded immediately and i made an appointment. Our staff of dedicated and experienced experts is ready to assist you.

You may consider tuning your piano yourself, but only if you are willing to invest a good deal of time and effort to learning the art of tuning. View kirk beasleys profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. W elcome to michael gironda piano tuning, piano tuning services of the highest quality, serving the orlando area. Piano tuning seems a little expensive, can i tune my piano myself. It offers a modular platform for writing and testing new tuning algorithms. The studio has top of the line mics, cameras, software, and computers. The largest database for alternative guitar tunings on the internet.

Professional piano tuners take a long time to develop their craft. These tools along with the ones already listed in the colored pictures will allow you to do almost any adjustment or repair that you will find in the field. He did that and i noticed an almost immediate difference. We rely on an electronic chromatic tuner to set the temperament in our tune a piano yourself tuning tutorial. They attend courses and sit for examinations to get certified by. The e a d g c f tuning for guitar an introductory guide i. Thighpaulsandra i, thighpaulsandra 2001, cd discogs. He arrived promply and was knowledgeable and informative. Buy miriamsong professional piano tuning kit the best tuner set including universal star head hammer, mute tools, felt temperament strip and case. To pay a lot of money for a fine piano and then allow it to go to ruin for lack of expert care is not merely aesthetically wrong it is bad business. This book provides an introduction to the two most popular open tunings with over 300 chord shapes for open d and open g tuned guitar, useful tips on tuning and string setup, music scores for four songs using open tuning chord shapes, a glossary of favorite chords and recommended listening. The man behind gironda piano tuning michael has been tuning instruments for over 35 years and opened his own business in 1974. He has been trained by one of the piano technician s guilds leading master technicians and is well known for his work with local musicians, teachers, hotels and the public school system.

They are high quality, rugged and durable piano tuning products. The e a d g c f tuning for guitar an introductory guide. Here is the open g major tuning, perfect for blues slide guitar. Hello folks, can anyone recommend shareware piano tuning software that is, free. They include everything from small handheld models to dedicated piano tuning consoles and simple tuning apps to full software packages. When plaing standard tuning and learning all your favorite songs, it can help to shift the sound and spark some of your own songs. While pianos generally fall into vertical and grand model categories, each manufacturer selects its own materials and utilizes its own unique scale and furniture designs. Please note that this product is based in the usa, and is designed and labelled to be used in the usa. Keyboard accessories free delivery possible on eligible purchases. We provide excellent acoustic piano tuning services for mechanicsburg, harrisburg and all. This is the outer limits of guitar playing and can be a great way to break out of ruts.

I havent had much luck with the free tunelab 97, although tunelab pro works beautifully ive used the trial for some time, but cant quite afford the full version. Piano tuning recommendations by manufacturer artisan. View michael girondas profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. You will get the real natural sound of your instrument, and not something detuned or artificially pitchshifted. Piano tuners will expect you to know a certain amount of piano basics before they will get any use out of you and since the industry is so underpopulated by tuners, most piano tuners are extremely busy trying to service all their clients.

If you are talking about bass guitar, you are much better off getting a 5string bass with a low b, tuning it in standard tuning, and learning to transpose all your fingerings and to avoid playing the open strings. While pianos generally fall into vertical and grand model categories, each manufacturer selects its own materials and. Time ago, while examining an old piano owned by a lady who wanted an estimate to decide if it was worth it to repair, she came out with this question. The meaning of the term in tune, in the context of piano tuning, is not simply a particular fixed set of pitches.

A tuning lever is specifically designed to fit piano pins, which are square but also tapered. It is a relaxed environment where the only limitation the artist has is. He suggested that i should first install a humidifier as the notes were sticky, and he would return to finish the tuning. Since we dont automatically know what chords these shapes are making in an open tuning, analyzing can be a bit tricky, so i like to boil it down.

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