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Edward debonos work is usually from the corporate training world but there is no reason why this style of thinking can be used effectively in the classroom. Direct teaching of thinking as a skill cort cognitive research trust thinking. The six thinking hats theory looks at these same problems from all angles, thus making a better decision. Note that you can drag and drop ideas into the relevant areas as needed. Six thinking hats for improved brainstorming and collaboration. By using the six thinking hats, you can get everybody thinking about the problem in a collaborative way. A new approach to problem solving and decision making. Use six thinking hats with parallel thinking or as a means to divide up roles. Share my lesson is a destination for educators who dedicate their time and professional expertise to provide the best education for students everywhere. It is especially effective with business english classes where learners are able to use reallife problems as the basis of a discussion.

After giving a worksheet which includes descriptions of the six hats to the group, the facilitator should decide an order in which the group should use the hats. Explicit questions are provided for each of the six thinking hats, to support students to think deeply about the text, the lorax by dr seuss. Of course these concepts can be introduced in a simple form for the young ones, allowing them just to become more aware of ways of thinking and to begin building thinking. The slides give you visual cues and the video helps understand the rationale. It has full crosscurricular transferability of skills with application opportunities in every subject area. For the six thinking hats method to be used effectively, each person in a meeting can and must be able to wear each hat in turn. To roleplay a character type while having a discussion. The six thinking hats approach can be used to address almost any problem solving activity you might encounter in the classroom. Six thinking hats technique six thinking hats examples. Plans in language arts, social studies, and science, and critical thinking handbook.

From six thinking hats bono worksheets to six thinking hats worksheet videos, quickly find. Students will work at all depth of knowledge levels using this strategy in any content area. Parallel thinking is an excellent strategy to use when trying to streamline a. Lesson plans and resources to introduce debonos 6 thinking hats to. For example, the green hat thinking style may take longer than the red one. All in all, the six thinking hats given it is managed properly is a very successful system that increases the level of collaboration in groups with everyone looking at the issue in the same way at the same moment reducing conflicts, increasing efficiency and enhancing focus. Six thinking hats applied here is a worksheet that will help esl students remember, learn and apply the ideas we discussed about 6 thinking hats. This worksheet is good for students who have a bit of prior knowledge about the six thinking hats. It usually goes down fairly well but i dont have an exercise to run for the delegates to see how it works. Six thinking hats in the classroom 6 thinking hats. Te lp october 2015 kb teachingenglish british council. Share my lesson members contribute content, share ideas, get educated on the topics that matter, online, 247.

You can use six thinking hats on your own or in meetings, where it can minimize the confrontations that happen when people with different thinking styles discuss the same problem. Thinking hats planning lesson plan template and teaching resources. Youll gain access to interventions, extensions, task implementation guides, and more for this lesson plan. Free resource for teachers six thinking hats classroom. Creativethinkingandcriticalthinkingarebothimportantaspectsofproblemsolving.

Role playing the six thinking hats game lets understand together how does the six thinking hats system works, how to play and what to think under each hat and in what order. To understand the process you will need to start by getting to know the hats. Set a time limit for each hat based on the relevant thinking style. Lesson plan topic four thinking hats aims to encourage learners to use english in a creative way. It helps to identify strategies and to plan activities that can be implemented. It forces you to move outside your habitual thinking style, and to look at things from a number of different perspectives. Six thinking hats is a critical thinking tool that helps you look at a decision from different points of view. Promoting reading comprehension and critical thinking duration. Ask students to write one or two sentences under each hat about the candy.

Through the design thinking process, students can learn to sharpen the focus of problems by precisely specifying criteria and constraints of successful solutions, taking into account not only what needs the problem is intended to meet, but also. In the metaphor, the six hats are coloured black, blue, green red, white, and yellow, and each coloured hat represents a different logi. Streamline discussions and develop critical thinking skills with different thinking caps. The lessons act as a stimulus for debate and discussion around many development issues and can be used as they are or adapted to explore the subject in more depth. The main idea is that there are different types of thinking and that we can think more effectively if we concentrate on only one type of thinking at a time.

How to give effective feedback that leads to positive change. Six thinking hats six thinking hats is a strategy that teaches students be flexible thinkers. This is a powerpoint presentation that can also be turned into a pdf for use as visual aids for the classroom. In a six thinking hats session the facilitator must. This was quite a change in policy, as nasas solar system exploration has only been done by robotic missions since the 1970s. The six thinking hats approach can be used to address almost any problemsolving activity you might encounter in the classroom. For example, if someone is being very negative about an idea the other person might say.

Introducing debonos 6 thinking hats teaching resources. Six thinking hats theory and how to apply it to problem. Debonos 6 hats is a research based strategy that gets students using parallel thinking to solve problems and think critically. See more ideas about six thinking hats, teaching and thinking skills. Hats theme unit word searches, crosswords, and reading. The six thinking hats can be used with parallel thinking or lateral thinking as a way for people to focus on a specific type of thinking all at the same time. Six thinking hats in the classroom 6 thinking hats activities.

Students learn about six different types of thinking they can apply to any situation, represented by different colored hats. Everyone wears the same thinking hat and pools ideas, and then all change to a new thinking hat together. Here is a recap of the lesson we did today once we had finished watching the film. An example of the debono technique used in a classroom context with children in years 1 and 2. This product includes a bulletin board set of the hats and six thinking hat questions using the dr. This is a widely practiced strategy in schools across the world today. The premise is the human brain thinks in a number of distinct ways that can be deliberately challenged, and hence planned for use in a structured way, allowing one to develop tactics for thinking about particular issues. It seems too simple to just mock up a meeting so i was wondering, does anyone out their have a good exercise that they run to bring t. Ideas for using these six thinking hats encourage children to reflect upon their thinking and learn to apply different ways of thinking for different situations. Eight creative problem solving techniques that work. Communicating in team meetings can be extremely challenging. Includes hints blank boxes have smaller pictures to pick from very easy 4 x 4 sudoku with shapes 4 keys with hints easy 4 x 4 sudoku with shapes 4 keys with hints 6 by 6 hats sudoku easy 6 x 6 sudoku with shapes 4 keys medium 6 x 6 sudoku with shapes 4 keys. It is a listening activity and they can work in pairs. The six thinking hats metaphor represents six different cognitive approaches to critical thinking and analysis to understand an issue or problem and trying to come up with an appropriate resolution.

The six hats is used by all ages as an effective and powerful means for comprehensive exploration of ideas and directing focus. By breaking down thoughts into six parallel or lateral areas, it allows a spectrum of thought, from gut feeling to data analysis, to be separately discussed. The six thinking hats for schools teaching thinking. Life on mars versus life on earth background information in 2004, the united states government announced plans to return humans to the moon, and to eventually send humans to mars. Introduce your and invite students into the six thinking hats map. Six hats thinking merely offers an alternative way to look at things. An individual can ask another individual to put on or take off a particular color of hat. You can help the children in your class break down the analysing process using the steps of the hats. Work on a critical thinking handbook for high school is under way and should be ready by august, 1989.

Ask for specific thinking hat responses or ideas from the entire class. Seeing things in various ways is often a good idea in strategy formation or complex decisionmaking processes. Assigning each thinking style a color serves as a visual cue to help students recognize the thinking skill they are using. In this lesson, students use the six thinking hats strategy to consider various perspectives of thomas jefferson selecting robert livingston as the candidate to negotiate in france. There is an authentic script and answer sheet attached. Find six thinking hats lesson plans and teaching resources. Design thinking is a structured method that can be used to create a product, or to develop and implement solutions to a problem. Everybody can put on the same hat at the same time. Thinking hats notes for teachers this set of lesson plans introduces students to the concept of water mapping that is used by communities with which wateraid work. Food security information for action practical guides. I few examples of how i have used debonos thinking hats to expand the childrens thinking through the themes we are completing and stories. Everyone has instincts, with some taking a positive approach to problemsolving while others are more acquainted with a critical standpoint. Through the design thinking process, students can learn to sharpen the focus of problems by precisely specifying criteria and constraints of successful solutions, taking into account not only what needs the problem is intended to meet, but also the larger.

Six thinking hats activity thought intuition free 30. Do whatever works best for your group of students and for the topic you are discussing. The hats are only a metaphor to get you in that mode of thinking as someone pointed out in class today, it is closely related to the old saying get your thinking caps on. Six thinking hats listening activity esl worksheet by srks. Work on a critical thinking handbook for high school. In this lesson, students use the six thinking hats strategy to consider various perspectives of thomas jefferson selecting robert livingston as the candidate to. Lesson plans for 8 lessons thinking hats display posters question cards for sorting activity template to make thinking hat dice thinking hat worksheet you might also l.

Six thinking hats is a creative thinking technique that has students put different color hats to represent different thinking. The real key here is that rather than circular or deadlock debates, you focus the group on a particular viewpoint at a time. Instructions the game pieces consists of 100 blue hat topic cards and 70 blue hat call for thinking cards which are included in this document. His work is now widely used in education and business.

Students can now work collaboratively to populate the different perspectives with their own view. I few examples how i have used debonos thinking hats to expand the chidlrens thinking through the themes we are completing and stories. Hats help a group to use parallel thinking color of hat identifies the type or direction of thinking the main idea is to have the group wear only one hat at a time introduction to six thinking hats. The six thinking hats method of metacognition provides an easily comprehended and applied common language for students and teachers to use to develop interpersonal relationships in groups and apply to community problems or projects. Redirect as necessary to keep the ideas focused by hat. The main idea is to have the group only wear one hat at a time when considering a problem. Plans developed using the 6 thinking hats technique are sounder and more resilient than would otherwise be outcome of six thinking hats. Four hats for discussion teachingenglish british council. Optimistic judgmental creative emotional directiongiving factual.

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